Our product is certified by Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia (JAKIM) for HALAL certification.

Wau Tradisi shall always conform to the Malaysia Halal Standards MS1500:2009 in producing its products to ensure that the food products produced are halal, clean quality based on shariah law for human consumption. This integrated halal process starts from control of raw materials to manufacturing, packing, storing and distributing the products so that it is halal, quality and safe for consumption. Wau Tradisi also ensures full compliance to HALAL standards set by JAKIM.

Halal Mission

  1. Ensure the conformance of Halal Policy by the company for the production and marketing of every product.
  2. Apply and obtain the Halal Certificate for each product.
  3. Provide training and information to the staffs pertaining to concept and requirement of Halal.
  4. Assist Research & Development Division in producing new product that conforms to Halal.

Wau Tradisi has a Halal Integrity Committee to manage the certification and compliance of Halal system. The committee headed by Quality Control Executive who conducts regular inspections on various plants and operational facilities to ensure its full compliance with the Halal requirements of Islamic Law and Malaysia Government regulations.